Pamela Venzke

Pamela Venzke is the Chief Corporate Affairs Office of Ørsted North America. In this role, Pamela oversees a variety of activities across Ørsted’s onshore and offshore technologies across the U.S. Since taking her role in 2020, Pamela has helped Ørsted become one of the top names in renewable energy in the U.S., promoting and maintaining Ørsted’s brand and reputation among a wide array of stakeholders, including the two federal administrations, state governments, NGOs, rate payers, environmental advocates, and much more.

Most notably, Pamela helped spearhead Ørsted’s National Offshore Wind Agreement: a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) with the North America’s Building Trades Unions to construct the company’s U.S. offshore wind farms with an American union workforce. With this PLA, Pamela has helped further secure a future for the American worker in the country’s green energy transition, allowing the economy to fully tap into the economic potential that offshore wind brings. With the PLA agreed upon, Pamela continues to champion the green energy transition across the country, bringing stakeholders on both sides of the aisle to the realization that transitioning to renewables is a win for the environment, the economy, and everyone in our country.