Thomas Bourgeois

Thomas Bourgeois is the Deputy Director of the Pace Energy and Climate Center and Director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s New York/New Jersey Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Technical Assistance Partnership. Tom has authored and co-authored dozens of reports on Energy Efficiency, Combined Heat & Power, market analyses for Distributed Energy Systems, CHP and Hourly Pricing, and Optimizing Incentive Systems for Clean Energy technologies.

His recent work includes traditional and hybrid microgrids, community (district) geothermal heat pump systems, and controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Clients he’s worked with include government (U.S. DOE, Oak Ridge and Argonne National Labs, NYSERDA, NASEO, City of Boston and New York), private business (Booz Allen, Hitachi Microgrids, Cogen Power Technologies, Fuel Cell Energy, Green Energy Corp), NGOs (Natural Resources Defense Council and Environmental Defense Fund) and numerous foundations.

Tom was recipient of the U.S Clean Heat & Power Association’s 2008 CHP Champion Award and the Northeast CHP Initiatives 2014 NECHPI Award.