Kerry O’Neill

Kerry E. O’Neill is CEO of Inclusive Prosperity Capital, Inc., an impact investment fund that spun out of the Connecticut Green Bank to scale up impact for underserved communities and underinvested markets nationally. IPC operates at the intersection of community development, clean energy finance, and climate impact using a collection of products and strategies and an ecosystem approach to matching capital with projects through local partners.

Ms. O’Neill serves as the current Chair of EPA’s Environmental Financial Advisory Board. Prior to joining IPC, Ms. O’Neill led the residential financing programs and low-income initiatives at the Connecticut Green Bank, a state entity that works with private-sector investors to create low-cost, long-term sustainable financing for clean energy to maximize the use of public funds. Her work at IPC and the Connecticut Green Bank has given her keen insight into the institutional challenges — and opportunities — associated with clean energy investing for underserved communities.