Kathleen Araújo

Dr. Kathleen Araújo is the Director for the CAES Energy Policy Institute & Associate Professor of Sustainable Energy Systems, Innovation, & Policy at Boise State University.  She is responsible for executive oversight of research and advising for the policy arm of a consortium of public universities and the Idaho National Laboratory.

Dr. Araújo specializes in energy transitions, resilience, and industrial hubs, writing about strategies for integrating resilience planning with net zero aims. Her book, Low Carbon Energy Transitions: Turning Points in National Policy and Innovation (Oxford University Press), examines social acceptance, industrial hubs, and infrastructure in countries following the 1973 oil crisis. Her forthcoming book, Routledge Handbook of Energy Transitions, provides an overview of the state of knowledge in the field of energy transitions.

Dr. Araújo has studied the emergence of offshore wind. Currently, she is also evaluating regional diversification, carbon-industrial policies, mineral security, and regulatory change in emerging markets. She consults for inter-governmental organizations, utilities, etc.