2021 Posters - Advanced Energy Conference


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#1 Design, Benchmarking and Graphical Lasso based Explainability Analysis of an Energy Game-theoretic Framework

Author: Hari Prasanna Das

Co-authors: Hari Prasanna Das, Ioannis C. Konstantakopoulos, Aummul Baneen Manasawala, Tanya Veeravalli, Huihan Liu and Costas J. Spanos

Institution: University of California, Berkeley

#2 Compatibility Study of Prismatic Core Single Loop Gas Turbine Very High Temperature Reactors

Author: Dylan Ohrt

Institution: University of Texas Permian Basin

#3 Error Correction of Weibull Based Wind Forecasting System using Gaussian Filter

Author: Rabin Dhakal

Co-authors: Rajes Ram Muthukumar, Siva Parameswaran & Hanna Moussa

Institution: Texas Tech University

#4 Integrating Electrochemical Modeling with Machine Learning for Lithium-ion Batteries

Author: Hao Tu

Institution: University of Kansas

#5 PCCI Combustion for the Reduction of CO2 , NOX , and Soot Emissions with Bio-Alcohols and Aerospace Fuel Blends

Author: Cesar Carapia

Co-authors: Dr. Valentin Soloiu, Drake Grall, Levi McKinney, Richard Smith III, Amanda Weaver

Institution: Georgia Southern University

#6 Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling of Methane-Hydrogen Mixture Transporation in Pipelines

Author: Kun Tan

Institution: Stony Brook University

#7 Hyper Efficient City of Unceasing Vehicles

Author: Joseph Im

Co-authors: Guillaume Adrien Sartoretti

Institution: University of California, Berkeley

#8 Large-Scale Adoption of Self Synchronized Universal Droop Controller-Based Inverters to Enable Ancillary Services for Different Modes of Distribution System Operations

Author: Laura Arce

Co-authors: Chamana, Manohar; Osman, Ilham; Ren, Beibei; Zhong, Qing-Chang; Bayne, Stephen

Institution: Texas Tech University

#9 Saving Lives with Renewable Technology!: Study of the human perception related to the electrical energy and healthcare considering community solar for rural hospitals in Puerto Rico

Author: Laura Arce

Co-authors: Dr. Stephen Bayne

Institution: Texas Tech University

#10 Hydrogen Blending in Natural Gas Pipelines

Author: Leela Sotsky

Co-authors: Brian Bick, Jake Lindberg, Devinder Mahajan

Institution: Stony Brook University - Institute of Gas Innovation and Technology (I-GIT)

#11 Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Properties from Microstructure Images in Ceramic-Metal Composites

Author: Hugh Smith

Co-authors: William Huddleston, Laura Bruckman, Alp Sehirlioglu

Institution: Case Western Reserve University

#12 Wave Energy for Microgrids and Isolated Communities

Author: X Sun

Co-authors: Raselle Chetwynd, Youssef Elias, Katherine How, Bruce Deng, Jerry Zhang, Michael Kelly

Institution: UC Berkeley Design for Nanomanufacturing Lab

#13 Advanced Sensor Fusion for Injection System Shockwave Analysis of Alternative Aerospace Fuels

Author: Amanda Weaver

Co-authors: Levi McKinney, Richard Collins Smith III, Austin Brant

Institution: Georgia Southern University

#14 Detection of False Data Injection Attacks Targeting State of Charge Estimation of Battery Energy Storage Systems

Author: Victoria Obrien

Co-authors: Rodrigo Trevizan (Sandia National Laboratories)

Institution: Texas Tech University

#15 Power System Topology Identification With Security Aware Machine Learning Using Smart Meter Data

Author: Cody Francis

Institution: Texas Tech University

#16 Design and Development of Smart Intelligent Vehicles with Sensorial Data Acquisition System Integration

Author: David Obando

Co-authors: Jonathan Randall and Levi McKinney

Institution: Georgia Southern University

#17 Pathfinding Algorithm Development and Live Data Simulation Integration for Enhancing Safety Systems in Vehicles

Author: David Obando

Co-authors: Jonathan Randall and Levi McKinney

Institution: Georgia Southern University

#18 Hydrated PET-LiClO4 Electrolyte for Structural Energy Storage

Author: Nathaniel Joyal

Co-authors: Dr. Caiwei Shen

Institution: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

#19 Single-stage jet engine research for the reduction of vapor contrails, emissions, noise, and vibrations in order to decrease the greenhouse effect

Author: Austin Brant

Institution: Georgia Southern University

#20 Analysis of Low-Temperature Combustion Regions of Aerospace Fuel Blends, in a Constant Volume Combustion Chamber. The New Climate Change Mitigation Technology.

Author: Richard C. Smith III

Co-authors: Amanda Weaver, Lily Parker, and Cesar Carapia

Institution: Georgia Southern University

#21 Autonomous Microgrid Enabled by Grid-forming Power Electronic Converters

Author: Yiting Dong

Institution: Texas Tech University

#22 Formation of Propane Clathrate Hydrates for Wastewater Treatment

Author: Jade Killean

Co-authors: Sampson Berlinski, Brian Bick

Institution: Institute of Gas Innovation and Technology (I-GIT), Stony Brook University


Author: Sarah Dulac

Co-authors: Andrea Elloian, Chandler Jardin, Kevin Raggiani, Alec Peinkofer, Darion Gregory, Ross Jacques, Joseph Silveira, Dylan Souza, Tyler Viera, Banafsheh Seyed-Aghazadeh, Konrad Jamro

Institution: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

#24 Community Choice Energy Aggregation Programs in Massachusetts

Author: Ajay Dawani

Co-authors: Marta Vicarelli, Ajay Dawani, Emily Laus, Nihal Warawdekar

Institution: University of Massachusetts Amherst


Author: Konrad Erich Kork Schmitt

Co-authors: Ilham Osman, Rabindra Bhatta, Mahtab Murshed, Manohar Chamana, and Stephen Bayne

Institution: Texas Tech University

#26 Dynamic trust consensus for cooperative tracker using potential field approach

Author: Atul Shrotriya

Co-authors: Utsav Mudgal

Institution: The University of Texas at Arlington

#27 Empowering Students with Interdisciplinary Hands-On Experience for Renewable Energy

Author: Ashutosh Ghuli

Co-authors: Kevin Norman, Dr. Beibei Ren

Institution: Texas Tech University

#28 From Waste to Power: Smart Atomization for a Sustainable Future

Author: Daniel Wilson

Institution: Liberty University


Author: Mahtab Murshed

Co-authors: Konrad Schmitt, Rabindra Bhatta, Ilham Osman, Manohar Chamana, and Stephen Bayne

Institution: Texas Tech University


Author: Supadchaya Puangoontip

Co-authors: Rattikorn Hewett

Institution: Texas Tech University

#31 Exploring Algae Dewatering Techniques for Biofuel Production

Author: Malaika Matumbu

Co-authors: Dr. Kristine Horvat

Institution: University of New Haven

#32 Storage of Green Power As H2: 5kW Power-to-Gas Demo Project

Author: Jake Lindberg

Co-authors: Vincent Spiteri, Jianfeng Lin, Stephen Galvin

Institution: Stony Brook University

#33 Optimizing Production of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) to Support a Reformed Landscape

Author: Stephanie Taboada

Co-authors: Stephanie Taboada, Lori Clark, Jake Lindberg, David Tonjes, Devinder Mahajan

Institution: Stony Brook University

#34 Wireless Power Transfer and Signal Transmission via Common Inductive Coupled Link

Author: Zihao Hu

Institution: New York University

#35 An operando EDXRD study of the structural evolution upon extended cycling for thick lithium vanadate porous electrodes with high areal capacities and improved material utilizations

Author: Alison McCarthy

Co-authors: Alison H. McCarthy, Karthik Mayilvahanan,b Mikaela R. Dunkin, Steven T. King, Calvin D. Quilty, Lisa M. Housel, Jason Kuang, Kenneth J. Takeuchi, Esther S. Takeuchi, Alan C. West, Lei Wang and Amy C. Marschilok

Institution: Stony Brook University


Author: Insoo Kim

Co-authors: Yiting Zheng, Seungkuk Kuk, Zhen Wang (Advisor: David Hwang)

Institution: Stony Brook University


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